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This page serves as a documentation of past meetups as well as a place to collect plans for our next meetups. It serves as an addition to our To do list.

Plans and things to discuss for the next meetup[edit]

  • Add NamespacePreload Extension if possible to create article banners
  • review existing articles, assign them to categories and add appropriate banners
  • Add explanation about the banner system in the get involved page
  • Add banner to articles
  • We want to increase speed. Suggestions are a) talking to Miraheze, b) cloudflare

Meetup 18.05.2022[edit]

  • We will have a logo competition! Plex will start a competition for it.
  • The NamespacePreload is now working and we now have a banner system with Work in Progress, Help wanted, Under Review
  • We're planning to use the ExternalData extension to pull in content from Wikipedia. There is a request on which we're waiting

Meetup 05.05.2022[edit]

  • Worked on the Preload templates and banner options
  • Reviewed articles and worked on content

Meetup 24.04.2022[edit]

  • People were in favour of Discord as our primary communication channel
  • We have a new introductions channel on Discord where people can introduce themselves
  • we'll have a weekly time where people come together to do some editing / work and discuss things. There will be a poll for the first few meetups until we have something like a regular rhythm
  • Every couple of weeks we plan to have larger meetups.
  • We'll be working on better article templates and start reviewing some of the existing articles